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Oil Be Damned

by | 22nd, October 2003

‘DISAPPOINTMENT comes in many forms. But finding out the Dallas which Channel 4 are showing today at 1pm is not the Ewing family saga but a movie from 1950 is right up their with the best of them.

‘Who called John Ross a delinquent?’

The film is not all that bad, and, in truth, anyone watching movies at this hour of the day is pumped up on enough prescription drugs to probably find Des and Mel on ITV entertaining (also at 1pm).

Those poor souls who are too infirm to know what they doing or in traction from a nasty fall at work will most likely still be staring at the magic box at 10:35 when BBC1 continues itÂ’s One Life series with the Diary Of A Delinquent.

For the past ten years director Mags Gavan has spent some of her time filming the life of Cardiff local Bianca. The stalking-style documentary began when Bianca was just 12 years old, and newly released from a secure unit.

What follows is much traumatic stuff, of the kind that genuinely depresses even the most glad-hearted types.

Whether you actually like watching what is a downbeat and glum life is a matter of taste. At least for the bed-bound, there are the drugs to perk them up.’

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