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Pulling Rank

by | 23rd, October 2003

‘THE revelations that there are racists in the police force can hardly come as such a surprise.

Basic Police Training – Module 4.3

What large organisation can boast that it is truly colour blind when even the Council For Racial Equality has been tainted by racism claims?

But leading policemen are queuing up in the Guardian to say how sickened they were by an undercover BBC investigation into racism among police recruits.

The paper reports that five officers have resigned in the wake of Monday night’s programme, which showed one recruit, PC Rob Pulling, don a Ku Klux Klan-style hood and others express shockingly racist views.

Alan Green, deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester police, said: ‘The programme has greatly shocked me and made me ashamed to be part of the British police service.’

And Met commissioner Sir John Stevens said: ‘I have been a policeman for 41 years at the sharp end and I was absolutely astonished at that behaviour.

‘I have never heard that type of racism – if I had I would have arrested them for it.’

Tomorrow, the police are shocked that some British athletes use drugs and the sky is blue.’

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