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by | 23rd, October 2003

‘WHEN you are 14 and the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof, you are entitled to be angry. Indeed, you would be failing your generation and your genes if you weren’t.

Susannah models the There’s Something About Mary look

So, we are pleased to welcome 14-year-old Peaches Geldof to the pages of the Telegraph, where she launches a tirade at What Not To Wear presenters Trinny and Susannah.

Well, a tirade would probably be the wrong word – Peaches actually feels sorry for the couple.

And the reason she feels sorry for them is not just to do with their own dodgy dress sense, but also to do with their sagging breasts.

For Peaches, that is a problem far in the future, like a third marriage or buying the Telegraph out of choice.

“Susannah should stop slagging off the helpless public and invest in a new, sturdier bra,” she says.

But Peaches also thinks that the pair – that’s Trinny and Susannah, not Susannah’s droopy breasts – should stop presenting such a conformist image of what to wear.

“It’s better to have a valuable personality than a wardrobe of valuables,” she says.

Another thing we know about 14-year-olds, aside from the fact that they’re angry at the world and their breasts don’t sag, is that they hate being patronised.

So run along, little daddy’s girl. And come back and play with the grown-ups when you’re a bit older.’

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