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Tumbling Tots

by | 23rd, October 2003

‘ANY mother knows that raising a child is very much like rearing a dog.

Free child with every Big Mac and regular cola

And readers of the Mail today learn that the similarities extend beyond obedience training and making them live in a kennel at the end of the garden.

Just as pet owners grow fed-up with that mutt they got for Christmas and take it for a drive to see its new home on the hard shoulder of the M62, parents will soon be throwing their kids out of the car at the country’s first drive-thru nursery.

David Carol, Director of Paint Pots nursery (which will open in Stockport early next year), reminds parents that they will first have to register.

After the paperwork’s been done, and little Jake’s had his ear tagged with an electronic chip, mum and dad can slow their people carrier to a sedate 30pmh and throw the fruit of their loins out with the command “Play!”.

Unsurprisingly, the Express hears that many busy parents have already signed up.

Even less of a surprise is the news that the place has been criticised by some child experts, like Lesley Abbott, who labours under the title of Professor of Early Years Education at Manchester Metropolitan University.

“It’s an awful idea,” says the expert. “The relationship between the carer and the parent is very important.

“A drive-through nursery is a retrograde step for early years childcare and it shows that parents are putting their needs before the child’s needs.”

She has a point, but Lesley should worry less about bonding sessions between carer and parent and note that the kids will be just fine.

All children registered will be given a free video of Lee Major’s Stunt Master Class, which will teach them the correct way to tumble from a moving vehicle.’

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