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by | 24th, October 2003

‘DO you remember John Major? Grey bloke, used to be Prime Minister, liked peas. No?

John made Edwina’s head spin

Well anyway, he’s back in the news this morning and behaving in a very un-Tory manner – he’s attacking Labour as opposed to his own party.

This is what the Tories used to do in a bygone age (which only the oldest among you will remember) before they realised that ripping their own party apart was much more fun.

Anyway, the aforementioned Mr Major is on the front of the Telegraph, delivering a “sweeping indictment” of Tony Blair and denouncing Labour spin as “the pornography of politics”.

“It perverts,” he says. “It is deceit licensed by the Government. Statistics massaged. Expenditure announced and reannounced. The record reassessed. Blame attributed, Innocence proclaimed. Black declared white. All in a day’s work.”

Now, we at Anorak don’t profess to be experts in pornography but that sounds like the kind of stuff that even the Adult Channel would pass up.

Which is all the more surprising given that Labour’s former spinmeister-in-chief, Alastair Campbell, used to write for the men’s magazine Forum under the pseudonym Riviera Gigolo.

Take it away, Ali…’

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