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Tummy Trouble

by | 24th, October 2003

‘IF Ulrika Jonsson turned her men into a race of some sort, it would dwarf the London Marathon and be second only to the Olympic Games in terms of the numbers involved.

Ulrika poses with this year’s winner of the Ulrika Jonsson Celebrity Stakes

But before Ulrika hires a stadium for such a contest, the Mail asks a question of the Swedish former weather girl: “Is she having another baby?”

Last night Ulrika was at some shindig called the Pantene Hair And Beauty Awards, where she wore a dress that showed her protruding stomach.

Further evidence of impending motherhood is supplied by an unnamed onlooker, who describes Ulrika as looking “radiant” and “more womanly than normal”.

The latter point could be attributed less to her enlarged guts than to her pushed-up breasts, which seem to be serving as a resting place for her complimentary coffee before she has her hair washed by the lovely Stephanie.

Thankfully, Ulrika is not saying, only talking to her husband Lance about whatever it is you talk to someone called Lance about – perhaps hair and the weather.’

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