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by | 24th, October 2003

‘FOR as long as anyone can remember, Siegfried and Roy have been entertaining Las Vegas folk with the aid of 600lb white tigers – to say nothing of lashings of hair gel, foundation and sheer camp.

Fischbacher and Horn

Not too long ago, however, one of the tigers, by the name of Montecore, showed what he thought of the show so far by trying to separate Roy’s head from his body. (Who says performers aren’t their own worst critics?)

The result is that Roy is in hospital, Siegfried is weeping by his bedside and the lid has been “ripped off the secret lives” of the famed magicians.

And the revelations are truly startling. Hands up how many of you knew that Siegfried is Siegfried’s first name and his surname is Fischbacher. Not many, we see.

We also learn that Roy is called Roy Horn, is 59 years old, has far younger looking hair and a face that looks like its tied on somewhere behind his head.

That image, of course, might have changed somewhat since Montecore’s scything review.

Indeed, grief might have altered Siegfried too, a picture of whom shows him looking like the result of a fantasy dalliance between Barry Manilow and David Cassidy.

And then there are the “gay rumours”. Yeah, rumours! Which given the look of the pair, their act, their love affair and the tales of catty fights and bitchiness is pretty outstanding.’

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