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Minder’s Keepers

by | 27th, October 2003

‘“THE most intimate and sensitive secrets will go with me to the grave,” promises Paul Burrell in this morning’s Mirror.

Is she really a German?

But before Burrell is buried on an island in the middle of a duck pond, he’s happy to tell the world about “The Last Secret”. And, boy, is it ever a big one!

According to no less an authority than the front page of the Mirror, this secret is so big that, in one her many letters to her right-hand man, Diana underlined its shock value by remarking: “What a secret!”

Now he’s got your interest, Burrell chooses not to reveal what it is, but he does say how another of the Princess’s many letters mentions their mutual “excitement” at it.

But with Diana dead and “traitor” Burrell (Express) eyeing Westminster Cathedral, Viscount’s Spencer’s speechwriter and an Elton John lookalike for his requiem, soon only the Queen will know all.

“Only myself, the Queen, and the princess truly know what I am the keeper of, and – despite writing this book – I remain the keeper of.”

Of course, he might just be looking after the secrets – as he looked after those Versace dresses – and not keeping them or, indeed, anything at all.

Apart from the cash from telling his story, that is…’

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