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Good Grief

by | 27th, October 2003

‘ANYONE who has seen that TV advert where a bunch of fat lads run around a football pitch knows that the Lottery helps good causes all the time.

The field trip to Albania took an unexpected twist when all the childen in the school lorry suddenly died

The Express reminds us of other good works: the £500,0000 trials to give free heroin to drug addicts, and the £420,000 donated to help farmers in Peru rear fatter guineas pigs for their tea.

All worthwhile and valid causes, we’re sure you will agree. And it hasn’t stopped there, as the Express mentions the £219,000 grant being spent on teaching school children what it’s like to be an asylum seeker.

For the cash, pupils get to be arrested and have their fingerprints taken.

And that’s only for the ones who’ve survived being locked in the back of mum’s Renault Espace for three weeks.

How many perish during such exercises, are duped into prostitution or are forced to sell a limb is not revealed, but it’s something that must stop.

“It’s beyond belief”, says Ann Widdecombe – and Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, says that pupils should be spending the time learning English, history and maths”.

Or citizenship studies, as they are now known…’

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