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Return Of The Plank

by | 27th, October 2003

‘IN her S-Club days, Tina Barrett was apparently known as The Plank because she was as thick as two short examples of said object.

Tina hadn’t yet got onto the lesson about getting dressed

We mention that apropos of nothing except to issue a warning that the 27-year-old could be making a comeback.

‘Since the group’s demise,’ says OK!, ‘the various members have gone their separate ways, and with Tina Barrett often seen out and about smiling from ear to ear recently, you can’t help but wonder what she might have up her sleeve.’

The answer is probably nothing more interesting than a couple of arms and a dirty tissue, but Tina does have a boyfriend.

And not just any old boyfriend – Tina’s beau is called Tommy Hulme and, while [he] may not be a famous face himself, he does bear an uncanny resemblance to blond ’80s pin-up Christopher Atkins, who co-starred with Brooke Shields in the cult 1980 film, The Blue Lagoon’.

A celebrity lookalike boyfriend – it’s what all the stars are getting for Christmas.

‘I’m lucky to have someone so understanding and patient,’ says Tina – who is determined to master her two times table before the year’s out.’

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