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Memorably Forgettable

by | 28th, October 2003

‘KEVIN Bacon was elevated from journeyman Hollywood actor to household name by the Six Degrees Of Separation game, in which it was said that he could be linked with any other actor through a maximum of six films.

Even Richard had trouble remembering his own name

And his namesake, former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon, could be on the way to international stardom, courtesy of – ironically – his own forgetability.

Only a few weeks ago, Pamela Anderson had to write Richard’s name on her hand so she wouldn’t forget who he was when they co-hosted the Lycra Style Awards.

And this morning the Star has a picture of Jordan with the poor fella’s name written on the palm of her hand in preparation for appearing alongside him to present a musical gong.

The Star suggests that this may say more about the buxom pair’s mental capabilities than it does about poor old Richard – but we at Anorak spot a trend in the making.

When we see the Queen appearing at the State Opening Of Parliament with Richard Bacon’s name scribbled on her hand, he’ll know he’s truly made it.’

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