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The Orgasmatron

by | 28th, October 2003

‘FORGET foreplay – a Texas company claims to have invented a device that takes women to a pre-orgasmic state simply by stimulating sexual nerve pathways to the pelvis.

Stimulation Systems says its Slightest Touch invention is designed to be used 10 to 20 minutes before sex and bring the wearer to a state of sexual readiness where the ‘slightest touch’ can trigger an orgasm.

About the size of a Walkman, the £120 battery-powered device, which works via a pair of electrical pads attached to the ankles, was invented by accident when one of the four co-inventors was trying to develop an electrical foot massager.

Company spokeswoman Cherisse Davidson said the device produced a ‘very gentle tingling sensation’ in the lower ankle, and ‘butterflies’ or ‘sparklers’ in the pelvis.

‘I prefer my sex with it,’ she said. ‘It intensifies the experience. The orgasms are more intense, they last longer and I usually have more than one.’

However, retired psychiatrist Stephen Barrett has his doubts. ‘That’s nuts. That’s bullshit. You’re not going to stimulate anything in the pelvis by stimulating the ankle,’ he said.’

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