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Bob’s Your Uncle

by | 28th, October 2003

‘WE have a problem with people called Jon. Call us traditionalist, but the spelling is ‘John’. We commend your attention to the ‘h’. Even in its silence, you know it’s there, reassuringly normal and unadventurous.

‘No money, no cry’

Things are much the same with Ric. Yeah, Ric! Not Rick, or even Rik.

Both Ric and Jon appear in tonight’s episode of Holby City. Doubtless, these keen-to-be-modern takes on old and trusty names are intended to give the show some edginess. They do not.

Names provide links to the past and rarely, if ever, point to the future – although Wayne comes close.

Which is how it works with the Marley clan, the many people who share the surname of the man who brought Reggae to the Western masses.

Bob Marley is lionised pretty much everywhere as having been something of a legend. One respected critic did point out that Marley’s reggae is “reggae for Germans”, an opinion that was not, we suggest, intended to flatter Marley or Germans.

But to the name, the one Marley shared with his widow Rita, their four children and the seven little Marleys he had by other women.

Tonight BBC2 broadcasts Can’t Take It With You (10pm), which shows how the Marley millions were split between the Marley multitude.

It’s all complicated stuff, made none the less so by daddy Marley’s decision not to write a will before his death from cancer. The claims on his wealth are manifold.

And then the Wailers’ bassist Aston “Family Man“ Barrett comes on screen to say how he wants his cut, which should go some way to feeding his 39 children – none of which are believed to be called Jon, Ric, Billie, Sighman…’

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