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Missing Link

by | 29th, October 2003

‘IN recent years Manchester United have set many a benchmark in footballing excellence.

Police are worried that Paul hasn’t contacted home for three days

And now the Telegraph brings us tales of a new achievement. As the headline shouts: “Scholes missing for four weeks.”

Given the furore that met with Rio Ferdinand’s disappearance for a mere couple of hours, Scholes looks certain to get the papers’ tongues wagging.

But then we read that he’s missing because he’s had an operation on “both groins”. That sounds pretty painful.

But for footballing agony, readers should go to the Times and read about the “avalanche of debt” that threatens to “sweep Leeds into the abyss”.

Last night the Yorkshire club lost to Manchester United 2-3 in the Carling Cup – but it’s the club’s finances rather than their inability to win a football match that are most threatening.

Having published the club’s financial report just yesterday, the full horror of the Leeds chairman’s position is made apparent.

“Now you can see the size of the nightmare,” says Professor John McKenzie, who replaced Peter Ridsdale last season.

Not everyone is crying. Take Robbie Fowler, who by some quirk of idiocy at Leeds will be paid £500,000 a year by the club until 2006 – even though he now plays for Manchester City.

And then there’s Robbie Keane, who will pick up £200,000 a year – while he plays for Spurs.

If that makes no sense, then the Rugby World Cup won’t help your understanding of modern sporting matters.

Yesterday, Georgia lost to Uruguay by 24 points to 12. “Hurrah!” or “Curses!”, depending on your allegiances.

And that’s the thing with rugby union – aside from the southern hemisphere’s big three and England and France from the north, the game is very thin on talent.

It lacks the ability to cause an upset. Which makes it so very much unlike football – which seems to upset just about everyone…’

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