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A Perfect 10

by | 30th, October 2003

‘A GLANCE at the wealth of jewels hanging from Diandra Douglas’ frame suggests that it was not only the Douglas name she kept when she divorced Michael.

‘And here’s the Eiffel Tower again’

She also kept her head and her self-respect, two things that lead her to tell Hello! that she’s feeling on top of the world.

Up there affords her a pretty decent view of what life is like down here in the pits of despair. And Diandra has noted that life is not that easy for womankind.

‘We’re not all superwomen,’ says Diandra, tucking her knickers back inside her tights.

‘Many women are working ten hours outside the home and then they have to look after their husbands and children.’

While this shocking news sinks slowly in, giving us ladies something else to chew over with our lunches (while the Slovenian help takes care of little Jake), Diandra is ready to go to work.

She’s now left her home in America for far longer than the prescribed ten hours to take a trip to Paris and check out the latest designs from fashion house Lowe.

Toiling like a Trojan on speed, Diandra hopes to go shopping for life’s necessities, like an old estate in Andalusia, Spain, where she can stable the beautiful horse she bought on another trudge to the shops.

How proud must her boyfriend, and – who knows – potential future husband, Zak Hampton Bacon III be.

Just what are the odds on finding such a wonderful woman? Surely slimmer than finding three people called Zack Hampton Bacon!’

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