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Chest Expander

by | 31st, October 2003

‘TALKING about the Middle East brings us to Jordan and the news, also in the Sun, that the busty model is planning to design her own range of undies.

Jordan was shocked to see that her new breasts still had the wrapper on

“The selection of sexy lingerie,” the paper says, “will be targeted at women with extra large boobs, just like Jordan.”

The Sun says Jordan decided to design her own range after complaining that existing stuff was too frumpy – which would explain why she insists on flashing her underwear to any waiting camera.

One delighted fan (in the Sun newsroom) said: “If she behaves like that with a frumpy bra on, I can’t wait to see what’ll happen when she puts on a sexy one.”

But one person who we are pretty sure won’t be rushing down to her local Bhs to buy a matching set of Jordan’s bra and knickers is Jodie Marsh.

Jordan’s natural-breasted rival joined Anaisha Bolton-Lee and a host of other glamour girls yesterday at the “glittering unveiling of hot new adult channels Television X2 and Television X3”.

And the Star was there to cover the event and to let its readers know that for only 11p a night they can subscribe to all three channels kindly laid on by “premier” adult broadcaster Television X.

That would be the premier adult broadcaster Television X that is owned by pornographer Richard Desmond, otherwise known as owner of the Star.’

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