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by | 3rd, November 2003

‘WHEN Frank Bruno was taken to Goodmayes Hospital in Essex, he was lucky to get in when he did.

Charles tries the town’s air freshener

The Mirror explains that if Frank were sectioned in the weeks to come he might find himself secured inside a huge inflatable tent.

The walls would have been made of traditional rubber, minimising the risk of self-harm, and raising the chances of his actually enjoying his stay as he bounced off them, but it’s not what he’d have expected.

Indeed, the Mirror says that there is “fury” at plans to set up such blow-up A&E wards at hospitals.

But NHS chiefs should point to the Mail, which today shows that tents can be good enough even for those who choose to go private, like Prince Charles.

The paper catches up with Charles as he tours India, and sees the enormous marquee set up in the town of Aoo in readiness for his arrival.

The Mail peeks inside, and notices that it contains no harem of local girls, or a sedated heavyweight boxer, but a singular white toilet.

Sadly, what with the effort spent on preparing the throne, the Prince did not venture inside, walking past and not popping into spend a rupee, as it were.

Perhaps that’s just as well, given that the area has no plumbing and the toilet was connected to nothing.

Which make us wonder where the royal stool would have gone had Charles employed its services?

What with the infamous ‘Delhi Belly’, even Paul Burrell would have been hard pressed to get it all between the pages of a sequel…’

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