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Just Beat It

by | 3rd, November 2003

‘EVER noticed how the police are getting younger? Granted, you have to remove their white hoods to see their faces first, but it’s true, isn’t it?

The Bullring has never seen policing like it’

That’s for another time. But for now the news on the cover of the Express is about the “SCANDAL OF NAZI POLICE”.

And it is a scandal because the new modern face of the Gestapo is not in Germany, not goose–stepping along the streets of Bavarian towns and villages, but walking the beat in Birmingham.

This revelation comes from the mouth of Simon Darby, a councillor and the BNP’s West Midlands regional organiser.

He claims that as many as 12 officers in the area are fully paid-up members of his extreme political party.

“There are a similar number of police officers in the BNP based in the North-west of England as well as London,” says Darby.

He goes onto say, in the Star, that many more officers support the BNP “behind closed doors”.

The story makes it into the Mirror, where Darby is claiming that one retired police inspector, John Phazey, is planning to stand as a BNP MEP candidate in 2004.

But this is not illegal and, as the spokesman for the West Midlands police emphasises, it is “impossible” for them to confirm or dispel the claim that a dozen of the local force are bigots.

After all, how do you pick out just 12 racists from the hundreds of serving officers? And then there are those hoods…’

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