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Flushed With Success

by | 4th, November 2003

‘PAGING Norris McWhirter. Paging Norris McWhirter…

‘First class or standard toilet, sir?’

We need to ask the great keeper of the world’s records how high the bar is set for cramming people into a single toilet cubicle.

Ever the showman, Richard Branson’s Virgin trains successfully housed ten commuters in a toilet on the 12:51 from Edinburgh to Exeter.

The Sun hears record enthusiast and passenger Paul Downing explain further. “All the aisles were packed with people standing,” says he. “Passengers sat on every inch of floor.

“One toilet was out of order and the other was crammed with people who had nowhere else to go. It was a large cubicle to allow wheelchair access but it was never meant to be that full.”

And already it sounds like something of a missed opportunity. If only the ten had all been in wheelchairs and not flouted the rules with their working legs. That would have been record for sure.

As the spokesman for Virgin trains says: “We apologise for customers who were inconvenienced.” Or who were in the convenience, as it were…’

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