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Fight Night

by | 4th, November 2003

‘IT’S Manchester United v Glasgow Rangers tonight in the Champions’ League. And that means… YES! It is the cue for the Sun to scream “Battle of Britain”.

Renaissance Man

Pavlov’s dogs, or whoever works as the sports sub-editor at the Sun, are wagging their tails like mad at the prospect of another fight for British footballing supremacy.

And a fight it is. The Sun talks about Roy Keane having “the bottle” and being the “ULTIMATE WARRIOR”. And the Star, never one to run from a scrap, wants Keane to “BITE ‘EM”.

But the biggest news in football is not the impending bout at Old Trafford, but the Mail’s story that Tony Adams has taken a job in football management.

Later today, the former Arsenal captain and prisoner at Brixton jail will be confirmed as the new boss of Wycombe Wanderers.

And if the fans of that club want to blame anyone for this decision they should look towards their former hero Martin O’Neill, who convinced Adams to make the move.

Perhaps the locals should worry less. Tony’s drinking and bed-wetting days are long behind him. These days he’s studying for a degree in sports science.

Sports science is a hot topic at the moment, and we’re interested to hear from Tony what he’s learnt. Dwain Chambers, Marion Jones and many other sportsmen and women might be interested too.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the Express cocks an ear to the goings on at the World Cup, now entering its seventeenth week of competition.

Having heard from the South Africans and the Australians, it’s now the turn of the French to say a few bon mots about England.

Olivier Magne, the France flanker, says that if England are to win the World Cup they will have to be more like France.

By inference, it’s not to hard to see that Magne thinks his own side’s chances of winning the big one are pretty high, and greater than England’s.

“It is difficult for England – it‘s not in their culture to play like that [with French flair] but in the last three or four years they have done so and played like France.”

And being so very much like the French has brought success.

So there you have it. If you want to win in sport, be like the French. “Hoof ze ball,” as Toni Adoms might zay.’

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