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Between Brock And A Hard Place

by | 5th, November 2003

‘WHEN we think of Westminster, our thoughts inevitably turn to former Welsh Secretary and badger fancier Ron Davies.

‘You lookin’ for a bit of fun, guv?’

And Ron will be delighted to read a report in the Independent which concludes that Government trials to stop the spread of bovine TB by culling badgers have failed.

Indeed, as Ron and any passing truck driver from Liverpool could have told you, the cull has actually helped spread the disease.

In the past five years the Government has spent £25m culling more than 8,000 badgers in 10 separate trial areas, mainly in the West and South West of England.

Scientists say the problem is that badgers that survive the cull no longer live in stable social groups and are more likely to wander about the countryside.

Inevitably, some fall into bad company and are forced to do whatever they can to make ends meet.’

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