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Just The Ticket

by | 6th, November 2003

‘IF Iain Duncan Smith takes to novel-writing as he took to leading a political party, he could be looking for new employment in a matter of weeks.

‘You can’t sit there’

And, if so, he might like to consider the ancient and noble profession of being a traffic warden or parking attendant or Little Hitler as they like to be called.

Not everyone is born to perform this role, although one person who certainly was figures in a story in this morning’s Daily Telegraph.

He is the NCP attendant in Ipswich who issued a ticket to Vincent Ryan’s Toyota Corolla because the ticket affixed to his windscreen was upside down.

Mr Ryan, from Dovercourt, Essex, has been ordered to pay a £30 fine for “not displaying a valid parking ticket”.

“I didn’t deliberately put my ticket the wrong way round,” said the aggrieved motorist.

And just as well – wilfully displaying a ticket at an angle of greater than 10 degrees to the horizontal carries a recommended penalty of a £1,000 fine and six months in jail.’

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