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by | 6th, November 2003

‘WE’VE taken a look at what’s on the magic box and have decided the world is now ready for Anorak—o-Vision.

A free TV to every viewer

The premise for our show is simple. We get about 20 million of you to each pay us £116.00. We then send around 6,000 of you a cheque for £150 and a postcard from Marbella expressing our heartfelt thanks.

That’s great telly, but, sadly, it’s also good enough for the BBC, which, ever the creative leviathan, has beaten us to the pitch.

The Express says that a BBC3 shows called Fightbox, which cost £4m to make, is being watched by as few as 6,000 viewers.

The BBC must be kicking itself, having belatedly realised that it need not have spent millions on anything at all and just followed our storyboard.’

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