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Hostage Of Fortune

by | 7th, November 2003

‘FAME costs and some times the price can be bigger than falling out with your backside, like Beyonce, or looking a complete arse, like Victoria Beckham.

A Seaborn Disaster

Sometimes the price can be written in letters cut out from old newspapers and posted to a close relative.

It’s the kind of thing that has sort of happened to Michelle Seaborn, the sensationally talented “star” of television’s Wife Swap.

Yesterday we revealed how Michelle had been kept a virtual prisoner on the infected ship, the Aurora.

Today she finally touches earth in Southampton, following 17 days of hell at sea.

And, as the Mirror reports, this celebrity wants payback. She plans to sue the owners of the ship, P&O, for “kidnap”.

“They held me hostage and we will be suing for kidnap,” says Michelle of both she and her husband, Barry.

Michelle claims, in the Star, that she and Barry were certified free of the virus that plagued the ship when the Aurora docked in Gibraltar.

As a result, they bought flights home but P&O would not give them their passports to make the trip.

The reason for this is obvious. Such is Michelle’s status that had she had left the other passenger would have screamed about preferential treatment.

And that’s not taking into consideration the fans who would have wilfully infected themselves or dived into the murky brine had “their “ Michelle left them in their hour of need.

Ask yourself this, Michelle: what would Vera Lynn have done?’

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