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Maison Des Horreurs

by | 7th, November 2003

‘THERE are now so many television shows dedicated to telling Britons what to expect when they leave these shores that you’d be excused for smelling a rat.

One-way traffic

Has a deal been agreed between the Blair and French governments which says how for every ten asylum seekers who land on our beaches, we send to France 20 middle-class couples who dream of owning vineyards and guest houses in the Dordogne?

Tonight FIVE has just such a show at 8:30 (Dream Holiday Home). But anyone watching that will miss All About Me, which airs at the same time on BBC1.

So, FIVE’s mission to emigrate vast swathes of middle England it is. But only after you’ve seen House of Horrors on ITV.

Jonathan Matiland – think Esther Rantzen without the teeth – sets to catch out rogue traders.

In truth, it pretty much epitomises a modern TV show. We get to see inside people’s houses and laugh at them and the workmen they fork out cash to employ.

But it could be better. And we suggest Maison Des Horreurs, in which the entire thing is shot not in Dudley but the Dordogne. Ah, the genius of simplicity.’

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