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Tough Hill To Climb

by | 7th, November 2003

‘THEY say that if you want to know how your girlfriend is going to turn out, take a look at her mother.

…but no cigar

While this is good news for anyone who’ll one day date Kate Moss’ daughter, Lila Grace, it’s a wake-up call of the rudest kind for beaus of Chelsea Clinton.

The other trouble is that it is not too hard to be confronted with Hillary’s haughtiness, if the Enquirer is to be believed.

The story goes that Chelsea has been dumped by her lover, Ian Klaus, because he is sick to the back teeth of her mother running her life.

One pal of the pair recalls what he heard Ian once say: ‘There’s three people in this relationship and that’s gone on too long. From now on you can count me out.’

However, to the untrained eye it is not immediately apparent that the interfering mother was ever much in evidence.

In a series of photographs, readers see Chelsea and Ian in summer garb; Chelsea and Ian standing by a New York taxi; and Chelsea and Ian trying to swallow each other whole in Venice.

There is no sign of Hillary with the once loving couple. But then, what with this being the Clintons, you have to look for action in some unexpected places.

Like under Ian’s desk…’

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