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Ready In Two Shakes

by | 7th, November 2003

‘THE one thing you need when you’re interviewing Ozzy Osbourne is time. You need lots and lots of time.

‘I got the shakes…’

If you only have an hour to live, you don’t want to spend it in the company of the slowest talker on Planet Earth.

One hour after ringing on his front door, you’ll be stone cold dead and he’ll have nearly finished asking ‘Who’s ther..?’

Unless of course he beats you to the drop.

The Enquirer has some insider news that is destined to shock the world. In conversation with the magazine, Ozzy says: ‘I told Sharon, ‘I am going to die’.’

Knowing the pickling properties of alcohol and the vast amounts of firewater Ozzy has consumed in his time, you’d think he’d go on forever.

He yet might. But for a while it was touch and go as Ozzy noticed that his hands were shaking harder than Tony Blair at a Bible class.

‘I wasn’t aware it was so obvious I had a tremor,’ says Ozzy. ‘I ain’t going to do any more TV because I look like a f***ing lunatic.’

But thanks to the love of wife Sharon, who fixed Ozzy up with a specialist who gave him some pills, the rock god has stopped shaking and is feeling much brighter.

And if you’ve got a spare hour, he’ll tell you some more about it…’

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