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Izzy Gets Busy

by | 7th, November 2003

‘IT doesn’t take much to annoy Lady Isabella Hervey, younger sister of Lady Victoria, according to Hello!

It girl

‘Just try and pigeonhole her,’ it advises, ‘and mention the words ‘It girl’ at your peril.’

Armed with that advice, we make a mental note to refer ‘It girl’ Lady Isabella as toff totty and poor little rich girl throughout the piece.

But we’d be wrong if we did so because Lady Izzy is actually ‘hard-working’ and ‘has kept her fingers in a number of business pies’.

For instance, there was the successful modelling career, she has recently landed ‘a starring role’ in Carry On London, she’s recorded a new version of the Beatles’ Money, she’s in talks about her own celebrity chat show and she’s writing a book called Lady Isabella’s Guide To Survival In The City.

Given the number of business pies in which Lady Iz has her aristocratic digits, we assume the city in question is the City of London.

And her tome will no doubt be required reading for derivatives traders, hedge fund managers, commodity brokers and trust fund kids wanting to know what to do with daddy’s millions.

However, our 27-year-old heroine would know nothing about that – her half-brother John managed to squander the family fortune on drugs and general extravagance.

And these days, if Lady Isabella wants to visit the family estate, she has to queue up with the peasants for a ticket or get Hello! to arrange a photoshoot there.

‘This visit is a very sad, happy, angry pilgrimage for me, a bittersweet thing,’ she says of her return, ‘but I had to do it in order to try and exorcise so many of the distressing things my half-brother brought to the place.’

And, of course, because Hello! fronted up with a whacking great cheque.’

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