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by | 7th, November 2003

‘GERI Halliwell is 31 years old. Stop laughing – it’s true. She was, according to the birth certificate we have in front of us, born on August 6 1972.

‘If it’s true that pets get to look like their owner, I’m out of here’

It’s true that the handwriting on the certificate (£5.99 from Forge-it & Fake-em) looks exactly like Geri’s own, but she was a precocious child, you know.

Besides, one only needs to look at a picture of the ubiquitous former Spice Girl to realise that she has drunk deeply from the fount of eternal youth.

Either that or someone has done a good job with a trowel and Polyfilla.

We only mention this about the evergreen Ms Halliwell because we notice in this week’s Hello! that she has again dressed up in the guise of Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe, you may recall, died (or was she murdered?) of a drugs overdose at the age of 36, lonely with a string of failed relationships behind her.

We would like to think that Geri, who recently split up from boyfriend Jerry O’Connell complaining that he was ‘too laddish and immature’, will not meet the same fate five years hence.

However, Hello! happily reports that Geri ‘hasn’t lost confidence in her own allure’ as she slipped into the same kind of pink satin dress that Marilyn wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

And took a starring role in Gentlemen Run A Mile From Self-Obsessed Redheads.’

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