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Breast Of Friends

by | 10th, November 2003

‘FORGET Will Young and Gareth Gates. Forget Rik Waller and Hayley Evetts. (What do you mean you’ve forgotten them already?)

The devil makes work for Idol hands to do

The real winners of Pop Idol have been Simon Fuller, the pop svengali behind the Spice Girls and S Club whose company makes the programme, and Simon Cowell, the high-waisted judge, both of whom have made a small fortune from the show.

However, while Fuller opts to keep a low profile, locking himself away in his counting house like the king of nursery rhyme fame, Cowell relishes the limelight.

So much so that he even invited OK! to accompany him on his recent holiday to the luxurious Sands Beach Villas resort in Lanzarote.

‘As a thrill seeker, the holiday was perfect for Pop Idol’s meanest judge, with scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, horse riding and mountain biking available,’ the magazine reports.

‘And if he so wished, it was only a hop, skip and a jump to a windsurf board or the golf course.’

Whether Simon used his club in anger during the holiday is a matter for him and girlfriend Terri Seymour, but we do know that he went diving (‘which was great fun’).

One Pop Idol reject who hasn’t yet exhausted her 15 minutes of fame is Kirsty Crawford, who talks exclusively to OK! ‘about leaving Pop Idol, living the dream and those lesbian rumours’.

First up, the lesbian rumours. What’s the story behind them?

‘I made the front of all the newspapers,’ says Kirsty – something that may come as news to readers of the Financial Times and International Herald Tribune, both of whom surprisingly were more interested in events in Iraq and turmoil in the international money markets.

‘Even my father texted me and said: ‘Hi lesbo, how are you doing?’ Most people knew what I was talking about but obviously some people didn’t get it.’

In case you are one of the aforementioned FT or IHT readers, we recap the story.

After being voted off the show, Kirsty admitted that she used to share a bed in the Pop Idol house with fellow contestant Susanne Manning.

She went on to reveal that the two ‘have a kiss boobies kind of thing’.

‘We don’t actually do anything, we just bounce boobs,’ she said. ‘She was the first person I met at the auditions and we’ve been friends since.

‘She came up and said, ‘You’re so beautiful and talented – don’t forget that’. It really helped.’

And with that she was off to practise her boob juggling…’

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