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by | 11th, November 2003

‘NOT content with straightening bananas and culling hedgehog flavour crisps from the British plate, the European Union has turned its attention away from food and to our attire.

‘You can call me Daphne’

And the question of the day from Brussels way is ‘when is a skirt not a skirt?’ Indeed, when is it a kilt?

The Independent says that the statistical agency Eurostat sent questionnaires to clothing manufacturers in which kilts were referred to as ‘womenswear’.

Producers were instructed to fill in how many kilts they had sold in a space reserved for women’s skirts.

And the Scots are furious. Ignoring the threat of a £1,000 fine for not completing the form, Patrick McGroarty, director of the confusingly named Caledonian Dress Manufacturers refused to return the ‘offending’ document.

And politicians in Scotland are also upset. ‘If Vin Diesel can wear a kilt and not feel any less of a man, that is good enough for me and should be for the rest of Europe,’ says Frank McAveety, Scotland’s Minister for Culture.

And that goes for fellow skirt fanciers: Lily Savage, Danny La Rue, Liz Hurley, Mel Gibson, the Greek secret police…’

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