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Blaine Outboxed

by | 12th, November 2003

‘DAVID Blaine spent 44 days in a box overhanging the Thames, but he has a long way to go to depose Paul Daniels as the king of magic.

Paul and Debbie were always a hit at the Wargrave Summer Fete

And as if to prove it, Daniels is in the Mail in his own box surrounded by the water of the Thames where he – and the lovely Debbie McGee – have been for the past SIX years.

The difference is that Daniels’ box is worth £2.25m and is described in the paper as ‘a luxury, glass-fronted residence’ on the banks of the Thames in Wargrave.

That is, it was worth £2.25m until Wokingham councillors threw out a plan to raise up the house on stilts to protect it from flooding.

‘Their decision means it may now be impossible to sell,’ says the Mail – which says the value of the house has plummeted from a seven-figure sum to…’not a lot’.

Last night, a furious Daniels told the paper that the council had been scared to use its imagination.

‘Everyone is amazed that the plans were rejected,’ he said. ‘The river flooded and half the house was under 2ft of water.’

And that, as we know, means Daniels – and the lovely Debbie McGee – would have been well out of their depth.’

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