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The Real Thing

by | 12th, November 2003

‘DEPTH is not a word you’d instantly think of when meeting someone called Lance.

Roast in oven for 1.5hrs, turning occasionally

But undaunted by such nominal bias, Hello! embarks on what it claims to be the first ‘in-depth’ interview with Lance Gerrard-Wright and his wife of many days standing, Ulrika Jonsson.

To begin with the good news, and the announcement that Lance and Ulrika are looking forward to the arrival of a child.

‘I didn’t want to shout it from the rooftops until I knew it was reasonably safe to do so,’ says Ulrika, who is not usually so coy when talking about the profits from her sex life.

But this being an in-depth interview, we are less interested to hear what Ulrika shouts about and more to hear what she and her Lance get up to in the privacy of their own love nest.

It’s pretty clear that Ulrika does most of the talking, as nothing is heard from Lance for quite some time, save for the gentle strumming on his acoustic guitar as Ulrika talks about her pregnancy.

It’s very much like being confronted by some kind of modern beat duo, as Ulrika raps about love, Agas and children, while her man plays the guitar and screams ‘Like it is!’ every so often.

Having complained about ‘the man’, or in Ulrika’s case, all men, Lance puts down his guitar and speaks.

‘Real life has been a feature of our life from the outset,’ says Lance. That sounds kind of profound, doesn’t it. Lance should use it for their next duet.

Indeed, the Lance and Ulrika ‘Love-In’ is not short of material.

Just listen to this from Lance, as he talks about romance: ‘Ulrika made a very clever cooking analogy at one stage, saying that with us it was a slow cook rather than a flash fry’.

So clever is it that we might use it. After all, slow and Lance are two words that are so very well suited.’

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