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Vive La Deutschland

by | 13th, November 2003

‘EUROPEAN politics can be distilled into one key aim: to stop the Germans invading France.

Jacques Le Lad & Herr Dye

A big wall, a long moat or a row of neat yet fashionable bungalows along the demarcation point between the two European neighbours are all valid forms of protection for the rest of us. But how much better if they simply unite?

Britain and America’s so-called special relationship looks a little ordinary this morning as the Guardian reports on how the French and Germans are discussing the possibility of a ‘Franco-German’ union.

French foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin, says the move is ‘essential’ and ‘the only historic gamble that we cannot lose’.

While the French and Germans share kisses and lusty slaps on their thighs, Britain, reports the Telegraph, has taken delivery of a ‘toxic armada’ of rusting American ships.

It’s the kind of gift that makes us British wonder if the love we have for America is reciprocated in equal measure.

And perhaps now the French and Germans are ready to take over Europe, we should put it to a sterner test.

Lasso the tugs to the Cornish hook and prepare to pull hard, boys. The British and Britain are finally coming…’

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