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Bitter And Twisted

by | 13th, November 2003

‘WITH the news that chocolate is now going to come with a health warning, we feel it is only right to attach the following advice to Anorak:

Things you can’t do in Notting Hill No.341

“You can give yourself cancer if you’re thinking bad thoughts about people and it’s just not good.”

Not our words but those of former Neighbours star Holly Valance, who is busy complaining to the Mirror that people in Britain “can be so bitter and twisted”.

“It’s something that runs rife in this country and I don’t understand it,” she says. “I’ve travelled the world many times and I’ve only noticed a sort of negative streak in London.”

Try as we might to banish carcinogenic thoughts from our minds, we feel compelled to observe that Holly kept such feelings to herself when her debut single Kiss Kiss went to No.1 in the UK charts last summer.

We trust her more recent comments have got nothing at all to do with the fact that her new album charted at a lowly 47 – itself perhpas something to do with the fact that at the age of 20 Holly has decided she’s too old to wear crop tops.

“It’s not the fact that I want to go all coy and demure on people,” she says, “it’s more the fact that I’ve let a little more of the real me come through.”

And the real Holly seems to spend her time doing what Australians do and whinging about her adopted home.

She can’t make up her mind whether Notting Hill, where she rents a flat, is “not all that groovy” or “too cool” for her.

But she does know that it’s not Oz, where the sun shines 365 days a year, everyone’s mates with everyone else and everyone in their 20s has left to work behind a bar in London.

“I do miss Australia,” bleats Holly. “I miss the streets, the air and the way I can get up in the middle of the night and stick my head under the tap without gagging.

“I miss the things that make home home.”

Like cold beer, kangaroos and huge prison camps full of asylum seekers.’

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