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Not A Leg To Stand On

by | 13th, November 2003

‘WE’RE not sure just how many pairs of legs Michael Jackson bought when he underwent his total face and body reconstruction a few years ago, but it looks as if he’s running low.

The hinge had gone in Demi’s left leg

In fact, the National Enquirer thinks the situation might be even more critical than that, asking: ‘Is Jacko On His Last Legs?’

If he is, we hope they are a better pair than the ones Demi Moore had fitted as part of her $400,000 refit.

The Enquirer says the 40-year-old ‘keeps her girlish figure tight through a strict regimen of diet and exercise – not to mention a small fortune’s worth of cosmetic surgery’.

But it appears that something is amiss with her right leg, more specifically her ‘saggy-skinned’ right knee, which seems to have developed a bit of a flap.

Unfortunately, it appears that the problem has developed just days after the one-year warranty on Demi’s new body expired, meaning that she is looking at another large bill to get a new knee fitted.

Cosmetic surgery experts say that a good panel beater could probably knock the knee into shape as a temporary measure, but she would be better off getting a whole new leg.

Alternatively, she could wait until Wacko Jacko pegs it – which might not be too long now – and steal his.

According to the Enquirer, medical experts who have examined pictures of the King Of Pop say his appearance ‘could even exhibit signs of a terminal disease’.

But his spokesman dismissed the suggestion out of hand.

‘He’s in great health and doing better than ever,’ says Stuart Backerman. ‘He’s happy, content and looking forward to moving on with his life.’

All he need is someone to remind him where he left his legs.’

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