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Sex Please, I’m Britney

by | 13th, November 2003

‘BRITNEY Spears may have come across all coy when asked what her new single Touch Of My Hand is about, but she is, in the eyes of the Enquirer, ‘sex-crazed’ and ‘out of control’.

Britney was just very bad at strip poker

The evidence for this comes from a fellow reveller at one of Manhattan’s hottest clubs, Splash, where she was seen ‘partying wildly and looking totally out of control’.

One is indeed surprised to hear that Britney wasn’t sitting in a corner and nursing a Pepsi, as we are sure all the other clubbers were.

But not nearly as surprised as the same reveller was when ‘at one point, she did a striptease, pulling off her top to show a pink bra that barely covered anything’.

In fact, he was shocked to discover that the only things the bra covered were Britney’s breasts.

However, to add grist to the Enquirer’s mill, Britney appeared on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine without even a pink bra on.

Admittedly, her chest was covered up by a sheet but if you were to combine that photo with the cover of Esquire, on which Britney appears without any bottoms, she could be said to be totally naked.

Throw in the kiss with Madonna, a picture of Britney dancing ‘splay-legged’ and the fact that the 21-year-old has been house-hunting in Britain and we have the beginnings of a scandal.’

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