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Peas In Our Time

by | 14th, November 2003

‘THE Royal Family have done a very good job of turning themselves into an international laughing stock, but the Germans almost had the last laugh more than 60 years ago.

‘Now take your time. You say Prince Charles opened you up and did what to you?’

Secret files released by MI5 tell the story of how in 1940 three German agents tried to blow up Buckingham Palace…with four tins of processed peas.

Anyone who has eaten processed peas will know that their explosive quality is normally of the same quality as, say, baked beans.

But the four agents who set sail for south-west Ireland on July 7 1940 were armed with Prepared French Fresh Peas (which are known for their destructive qualities) as well as five sticks of dynamite.

They were arrested almost immediately on landing and one later confessed that their target had been the Royal palace.

However, the idea of Buckingham Palace covered in tons of mushy peas and swimming in a sea of gravy (as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were rowed to safety) is one to be relished, even if the tins of peas were actually only cover for primitive bombs.’

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