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Mad (Public) House

by | 17th, November 2003

‘OFFICIALDOM has gone MAD. And that’s official! Just listen to what the Sun says it discovered only the other say.

‘The banana was yellow’

In Officialdom Gone Mad Part 1, readers learn of a headline-grabbing “racism swoop on pub landlady’s joke advert”.

The landlady is Diane Prestidge, and her advert read: “WANTED PT TIME SINGLE WHITE MALE 40+.”

No sooner had “lonely” Diane put her ad up in her pub then three women from the local race equality council turned up to tell her to take it down.

Diane says that she couldn’t believe it and how “it’s political correctness gone mad”. She’s also ”disgusted” that taxpayers’ money has been spent on investigating what she calls “a joke”.

But she should think herself lucky that she’s not also up on a charge of ageism and campaigners for rights for the disabled are not picketing her door.

Just one look at the name of her pub – The Nelson Arms – makes our blood boil.

While Ms Prestidge writes some new jokes, the Sun talks about another case of mad officialdom.

In Officialdom Gone Mad Part 2, butcher John Campbell has been fined £50 for throwing a banana skin out of his van window.

John might well have been on his way to buy a designer T-shit, but now the fifty quid will be spent on a fine, unless he ignores the penalty notice and stands in line for a greater punishment of £2,500.

“I’m very particular about litter,” says John. “I wouldn’t even chuck a fag end out of the van.

“I actually thought I was doing the right thing. A banana is biodegradable and is good for the countryside. I wouldn’t do it in a built-up area. Let them take me to court.”

Before that event, John would be well advised to spend his savings on a private cop.

Then, on his day in the dock, his law enforcement officer could vouch for his probity and say that the banana was thrown by an IC3 male wearing a blue hooded top and smoking a large reefer cigarette.’

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