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Liz In A Tizz

by | 18th, November 2003

‘GIVEN the furore surrounding George Bush’s visit to Britain, anyone would think he were an asylum seeker wishing to stay here permanently rather than a rich American on a busman’s holiday.

‘Don’t call me Liz’

Potential asylum seekers looking on should note that when they visit they will not arrive by Cadillac and stay in Buckingham Palace. There will travel by lorry and stay in a sink estate.

And, according to the Express, they could have to pay £8,000 to gangs of human traffickers for the trip.

But such is the fine balance of things that for every new arrival here a British national must leave. And today Liz Hurley finds her name pulled out of the hat.

The Mirror says that Liz is thinking about leaving Britain for good unless we all stop calling her Liz.

‘None of my friends call me Liz,’ says Liz. ‘I don’t like it because it suggests a trust that doesn’t exist.’

Speaking to a German magazine, Liz says that she cannot move in London without being photographed.

Whether she’s in the newsagents in a dress slit to her crotch or nipping to the chemists in a sequined G-string, photographers dog her every move.

So unless it stops, and the snappers stop calling her Liz, it looks like Liz could be on her way.

She suggests Switzerland as a possible destination, although offers no clue as to how she’d like to be known when she arrives in her Alpine idyll.

Perhaps Bernhard would suit? Or what about Kasia Komorowicz? If she chose that name, Liz could maintain that she remains Hugh Grant’s lover.

The Mail has a shot of the original Kasia, the woman who claims to have been dating Grant for the past three years since around the time he broke up with Liz.

‘I totally love Hugh,’ says Polish-born Kasia. ‘He’s a great kisser and we have a fantastic time. We meet up for drinks and dinner and spend nice times together.’

Although she had lots to say about Hugh, Kasia said nothing about Liz or her plans to move abroad, merely repeating the word Liz over and over and over and over…’

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