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Spousal Abuse

by | 19th, November 2003

‘WHILE Britney and Jacko show signs of being divorced from reality, some just want a divorce from their spouse.

Chamber of horrors

The Express casts an eye at the divorce petition posted up by Amanda Holden yesterday and sees that, although Amanda had an affair with Neil Morrissey, it’s her now-ex husband, Les Dennis, who stands accused of adultery.

The woman who dallied with Les is not named, just that he ‘became intolerable to live with’ and his adultery was ‘on-going’.

That’s something of a surprise, as is the increasingly bitter spat between estranged lovebirds Liza Minnelli and David Gest. This is, after all, the couple who once never missed an opportunity to tell us how very much in love they were.

Sticking with the Express, readers get the latest instalment from this remarkably unattractive duo.

After Gest’s accusations that Minnelli gave him brain damage by beating him about the head, she now alleges that he stole her money, alienated her friends and sullied her reputation.

In a £1.5m lawsuit, Minnelli’s lawyers claim: ‘Gest constantly berated Minnelli in public and began holding himself out as the ‘star’.’

This comes on top of her earlier claim that Gest was ‘cruel and inhuman’.

And having taken a look at Gest, Minnelli’s former manager, agent and producer, the inhuman bit appears to be claim made on solid ground.’

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