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Going Down Under

by | 19th, November 2003

‘AS if Australia didn’t have enough excitement at the moment what with the international Pommy-bashing spectacular that is the Rugby World Cup, they have just had a visit from the Hilton sisters.

‘You’ve got something on your lip, Paris’

Yes, that’s not just one sister but – wait for it – both of them, as ‘unstoppable’ society girls Paris and Nicky paid their first ever visit Down Under.

[Many of you who have seen Paris in action with Shannen Doherty’s estranged husband Richard Salomon might dispute whether this was in fact Paris’s first trip Down Under, but that is another story altogether.]

And Hello! was there to witness it as ‘they more than lived up to their reputation for being party lovers, thoroughly enjoying nearly every minute of their visit’.

Indeed, the only sour point of the trip was ‘when they ran slap bang into the no-nonsense Australian sense of humour’ on a TV talk show.

The girls, heirs to the $300m Hilton fortune, were apparently left baffled and slightly defensive when asked by hosts HG and Roy: ‘Ever thought of getting a job?’

How unfair! As Hello! will testify, Paris is an actress (and she has the video to prove it) and Nicky is a handbag designer (and carries a handbag to prove it).

And they are also both very keen nature enthusiasts, visiting the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland during their stay and getting to know some of the 1,400 species of native animals living in the park.

‘Paris made friends with a wallaby and both sisters looked completely smitten as they patted a koala bear, held by one of the park rangers’ Hello! reports.

As Nicky tried to work out how many handbags she could get out of each koala, Paris was getting to grips with another dumb hairy animal – the Australian male.

In fact, says Hello!, it was rumoured that she tried to repay her hosts’ hospitality by introducing Australian Idol also-ran Rob Mills to a North American mammal – her beaver.’

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