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Taking A Back Seat

by | 19th, November 2003

‘OVER the years, Australia has exported such cultural gems as Rolf Harris, Men At Work, Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson, Neighbours and Jono Coleman.

Kylie’s buttocks in happier days

But even they pale into insignificance next to the two perfectly-formed buttocks that are Kylie Minogue.

And to celebrate becoming Britain’s most enduring pop star (with No.1 singles almost 16 years apart), the twin cheeks give an exclusive interview to Hello!

And in it we learn that they are – literally – to take a back seat in future as Kylie opts of Brigitte Bardot-style mystique.

‘We realised that the flesh thing is everywhere now and I think it’s important to differentiate,’ they explained, adding that they wanted to keep something back for boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

However, maybe there is another reason for Kylie’s bottom to retire at the pinnacle of its career.

Her new album Body Language shows her, she says, as ‘more woman, more curves, less angular’ – a fact that might owe something to her new-found indulgence in chocolate croissants for breakfast.

Add to that her confession that ‘learning to say ‘no’ has been very difficult’ and we can be forgiven for deducing that the famous buttocks are carrying a little more padding than before.’

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