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Any Storm In A Port

by | 21st, November 2003

‘MANY miles from Istanbul in the north Lincolnshire town of Immingham, life goes on as normal.

‘Any other business?’

Or not quite as normal because the town’s self-styled ‘man of the people’ Michael Perrin has been banned from holding public office for three years.

This will come as a great blow to the many supporters of the 56-year-old electronics technician, who no doubt entertained fantasies of seeing their hero installed in Downing Street after the next General Election.

However, it appears that Mr Perrin’s own fantasies got the better of him.

The Telegraph reveals how the divorced father of two became fixated by Irana Lesi, the clerk to Immingham Town Council and a decade and a half his junior.

He accused Miss Lesi, who attended council meetings wearing low-cut tops and split skirts, of dressing ‘more like a barmaid’ than a civic official and expressed his disapproval in a series of letters.

‘Miss Lesi had long hair, low-cut dresses and was flashing her legs all over the place, which was very unprofessional,’ he said in one of his complaints.

However, Mr Perrin denied that his interest in Miss Lesi was sexual.

‘We’ve always had dour male clerks in the past and she was certainly better looking,’ he said, ‘but I had no sexual interest in her at all, let alone having fantasies about her.’

The councillor doth protest too much, methinks…’

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