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Heart Attack

by | 21st, November 2003

‘IT appears that just about everyone knew about the Prime Minister’s heart problems before he did.

The Bushes come out in sympathy for the Prime Minister

President Clinton recently told reporters that he had known about the condition for years, while the Queen also seems to have been up to speed on the fact that Tony Blair’s heart wasn’t.

The Independent reports that the Queen’s reaction to Blair’s heart scare a couple of months ago was: ‘I do hope it’s not too serious. He told me he’s had serious complications in the past.’

And with that she no doubt went back to watching reruns of EastEnders on UK Gold.

But the paper says it again casts doubt on Downing Street’s version of events, which was that Blair’s irregular heartbeat was a one-off problem.

Pah! Next they’ll be suggesting that Downing Street knew that Saddam Hussein couldn’t launch a biological or chemical attack at 45 minutes’ notice.’

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