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Girl On Girl Power

by | 24th, November 2003

‘REMEMBER the Spice Girls? Five wannabes who cannot accept that their 15 minutes of fame is almost over.

Another Kiss And Mel story

As Victoria Beckham gets Top Of The Pop viewers to vote for which of her two potential singles they dislike least and Geri Halliwell dresses up as a schoolgirl, Mel B ekes out a few column inches by following the Britney Spears and Madonna angle and snogging another woman.

The Mirror is not convinced by the public display of affection (or was it affectation?) with Christine Crokos in a Los Angeles park.

But the Star thinks the two are for real and suggests that the woman formerly known as Scary Spice is planning to move her lesbian lover into her £1m home.

“The pop babe’s shock affair with Anna Kournikova lookalike Christine Crokos is the talk of Hollywood,” it says.

“The pair have been spotted kissing and fondling each other in full public view.”

In other words, whenever there is a camera in sight.’

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