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Running Of The Cows

by | 25th, November 2003

‘THE Welsh town of Cowbridge is planning to mark its 750th anniversary with a replica of the famous Pamplona bull run – except with heifers.

Hundreds of young men gather in Pamplona in northern Spain on the first day of the festival of San Fermin every year and, traditionally dressed in white shirts and red belts, run through the streets ahead of bulls.

A similar event is being considered for Cowbridge, which celebrates its 750th birthday next March.

Mike Meredith, one of those involved with the Cowbridge 750 Group, said: ”We are restoring the ancient office of town crier which has been moribund for 15 years.

”One of the chaps who is going to compete for the post, Simon Fowler, came up with the notion that while Pamplona has a bull run, why couldn’t Cowbridge have a cow run?

”It is an intriguing idea, but cows are fairly slow. It may be a non-starter.”’

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