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The Riyadh Thing

by | 26th, November 2003

‘HAVING just seen how it doesn’t do as it says on the collection tin, the Independent points its readers’ attention to a tin of another sort.

‘Do you want a Big Mec and Haj fries with that?’

This one is painted red with white writing on it. It contains a cola-based soft drink.

Any guesses what it is? Ishmael knows. It’s called Mecca Cola, and, as the Saudis might say, it’s the Riyadh thing.

Yesterday, the company behind this cola drink handed out thousands of cans to worshippers at mosques in Birmingham and London’s Regent’s Park.

This is nice, although it still can’t touch the Jews’ post-prayer kuddish of wine and cake or even the sip from the Communion Cup.

But after some hard praying it’s good to whet the whistle and restore energy levels with a hefty does of sugar.

The brains behind this beverage are aiming to cash in on what they call ‘very-strong anti-American sentiment’ in the Muslim community.

And it might not stop there as the Indy also reports on goings on at that other giant of American consumption, McDonald’s.

The advertising watchdog was taken Ronald and his golden arches to task over making ‘misleading’ claims about the origins of its french fries.

In talking of potatoes, the McDonald’s advert claims: ‘We peel them, slice them, fry them and that’s it.’

Only it isn’t. There are claims that the fries are part cooked in beef tallow, frozen, flown around the world and deep fried once more.

And, apparently, the ad forgot to mention the salt and the dextrose sugar solution poured over them.

So praise be to the new fry that’s taking the world by storm, the Anorak-o-Chip – straight from the shoulders of the people who brought you Mecca Cola.’

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