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Down The Tuba

by | 26th, November 2003

‘LIKE us you will have noticed that the tuba is not as prominent as it once was. So too the bassoon.

A bunch of bassoons

But with Estelle Morris, the arts minister, on the case, both instruments will rise once more.

The Guardian says that Ms Morris intends to bring her insipid approach to politics to bear on this hottest of issues.

The paper has seen a speech in which Ms Morris will urge us all to embrace the classical arts. She intends to raise the profile and ‘street cred’ of, what the paper terms, the ‘big beasts’ of the orchestra.

It will not be easy. The paper says that only 1,106 school pupils in England are learning the bassoon and just 915 the tuba.

The rest are learning air guitar, media studies and how to beg…’

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