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Modest Ambition

by | 26th, November 2003

‘SOMEONE else who could be having a Christmas turkey one day is Andy Scott-Lee.

Andy Scott-Lee – where is he now?

For those who don’t know, Andy is the brother of Lisa Scott-Lee and the boyfriend of Liberty X’s Michelle Heaton.

It’s the kind of family tree that should guarantee Andy at least five minutes of fame. And today he gets four of them as he tells the world about being booted off the Pop Idol TV show.

‘I went into Pop Idol to prove that I had talent and I think I managed to do that,’ says he.

‘People can attack me because of 3SL [the largely unheard of band of which he was once a member], Lisa or Michelle, but what I proved by getting as far as I did is that I can sing.’

And sing he can. But so can Bernard Manning and Vanessa Feltz. The trick is not just to sing but to sing well, and well enough to win the TV talent show. At that, Andy failed.

The good news, however, is that Andy is ‘far from being starry and arrogant. Andy is down to earth and displays a refreshing modesty’.

Of course, it helps that he has so much to be modest about.

There’s his modest talent, his modest ability to carry a tune, his modest looks, his modest physique and his modest ambitions.

‘Okay, so I’m out of the show – but just look at what happened to Liberty X,’ says Andy. ‘Could I have better inspiration?’

Probably not.’

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